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8200 for


 Small Businesses


A unique accelerator for small businesses in Israel, helping them to recover from the Covid-19 crisis and accelerate their growth, in order to strengthen the Israeli economy and society

Our Vision

To leverage the knowledge, skills, and network of Unit 8200 alumni to support small businesses as well as the Israeli economy as a whole, thereby connecting the different parts comprising Israeli society.

The Program

8200 for small businesses is a 3-month accelerator program for small businesses, where mentors who are experts in their field (unit 8200 alumni and senior professionals who are not unit 8200 alumni) offer professional guidance and support on a weekly basis.


The program provides a 360-degree cover of all business needs, and an expert mentor is provided for each area (3–4 mentors for each business). In addition, the  business owners participate in several hands-on, action-oriented business workshops throughout the program.


Following the three months core program period, the businesses are accompanied by a partner-organization specialized mentor for a further 18 months period under a detailed workplan.


2021 Highlights

The program has completed its first pilot cycle, which began on June 1, 2021 and ended on August 31, 2021. Six businesses completed the cycle, which was successful beyond all expectations; Some 1st cycle figures:

6 businesses, 6 business partners / sponsors, 45 mentors, taskforce members and business consultants, 133% average sales improvement during the program, 40% average sales improvement compared to the same period pre-COVID by August 2021, 95% improvement by January 2022, and 63%-96% profit increase by January 2022.

During the 1st cycle, new or improved digital assets (e.g., websites and business pages on Facebook) were set up for all participating businesses, alongside the implementation of CRM systems, efficient business processes, and purpose-fit dashboards. 


The 1st cycle had a clear ROI: ILS 4,762 average investment per business, resulted in ILS 96,739 average revenue increase 5 months following its completion - 20X in 5 months, or 49X on an annual basis (!)

The 2nd Cycle repeated 1st cohort results but with twice the number of businesses (15) supported by 70 mentors.

The program's 4th cycle is going to be launched in October 2023, and now in open for enrollment. 

4th Cycle - Open for Enrollment

קבלה לתכנית

Quotes from business owners and mentors

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 22.45.43.png

Moria Ben Aharon
Natz Natz - Clothing Shop

In its initial phase, the program already provided value and motivated us to want to succeed and take the business forward, knowing that the best minds are with us, giving us their full support. We feel lucky to be part of the program.


Sharon Habzo
SHR, Staffing Agency

I participated in several accelerator programs and this program was absolutely (until now) the best I'd been in – we get down to business without too much theory. The program provided value from the first meeting with the team – manifest in all the consultants' and mentors' active work, they weren't "all talk"


Ariel Kruszyn

enjoyed taking on the challenges of a person whose wellbeing and livelihood depended on solving them, and finding solutions for them together that upgraded the business within a short period of time, thereby improving the business owner's mental state as well as their wellbeing and that of their family.


About us

The 8200 Alumni Association (S.M.2) is a non-profit organization, established and managed by senior Alumni of Israel's central intelligence unit. The association focuses on several fields of activity, including educational and community projects, networking among its members, and support for young entrepreneurs in Israel.


Ifat Kfir


Cybecs security solutions


Arod Balisa


Deloitte Catalyst


Inbal Ben Yehuda

Head of Technical Product 



Amit Toren

VP Corporate & Business Development


WhatsApp Image 2021-03-23 at

Yulia Shnerer

Product manager 

Digital and global products

Ran Shavit.jpg

Ran Shavit

SVP of Education


זמר שוורץ.jpeg

Zemer Shwartz

Cyber Domain Manager 


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